EQR2-9-2012Energy Compliance Consulting holds periodic public EQR training conferences, and also provides EQR training sessions on-site at utilities’ offices.  The latest public conference was held in June 2018 in Washington, DC.

Here is what attendees had to say about a previous EQR Training Conference:

From a soon-to-be EQR filer:

“Thanks for your hosting of the recent EQR Training Class.    The timing was just right coming just after the recent FERC 768 Order.   As an employee of one of the non-public utilities newly falling under the non-jurisdictional utility criteria of Order 768, your class was the perfect “Fast Track” to understanding EQR Reporting.    I would recommend this class as the starting point for other who similarly have little or no FERC EQR filing experience and need that quick boost to getting started on the right path.”

From a seasoned EQR filer:

“I have been doing the Electric Quarterly Report for five years, and working with the FERC for even longer, and yet I still found an amazing amount of value from your two-day training class (including the “Introduction to FERC” portion).  I picked up many tips that will help me make significant improvements in the quality of our EQR filings.  Thank you for a wonderful, useful and informative class.”

Holding EQR training at your location can be cost effective if you have multiple employees to train.  It also allows us to focus, confidentially, on your particular issues and markets.  If you are interested in exploring that possibility, please send an e-mail to to ask for a no-obligation proposal, including rates.


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