Energy Compliance Consulting helps utilities comply with FERC regulations, focusing on the Electric Quarterly Reports.

Energy Compliance Consulting, LLC is a small, woman-owned consulting firm that focuses on FERC Compliance.  ECC President, Barbara Bourque, has helped numerous clients address FERC compliance issues.  ECC has over 175 clients located all over North America, which range from small independent generators to vertically integrated public utilities and multi-national power marketers.  Barb has helped these companies with:

  • Electric Quarterly Report support
    • Comprehensive audit of your EQR compilation process and submissions to ensure full compliance with FERC’s requirements
    • Quick, off-site assessments of your company’s EQR filings to check for obvious problems
    • Assistance during FERC EQR audits
    • Crafting self-reports and support for self-report compliance filings
    • Analysis, interpretation and application of FERC’s EQR-related orders
    • Developing and improving company-specific EQR process manuals
    • On-site EQR training tailored to focus on the relevant markets and specific compliance challenges faced by company staff
    • Compiling data and actually filing companies’ EQRs

In addition to working with individual clients, ECC has held numerous EQR Training Conferences and has developed a comprehensive EQR Users Manual that consolidates the requirements of Orders 2001 through 2001-I, and Orders 768, 768-A and 770, with various FERC guidance, notices and directives.

In 2011, ECC partnered with Systrends, a leading provider of FERC eTariff software, to develop a software solution for utilities to file EQRs in the XML format proposed by FERC.  Our web-based software solution converts Excel and comma-delimited text files into the EQR XML format for filing at FERC. The solution contains numerous rule checks, data validation routines, and  minimizes the burden of filing EQR data with the Commission.