About Barbara Bourque

aboutus_clip_image001Prior to founding Energy Compliance Consulting, Barbara Bourque, ECC President, worked at FERC for over 25 years, managing the development and implementation of FERC’s Electric Quarterly Report program from 2002 to 2005.  She worked at Arizona Public Service Company (APS) from 2005 to 2008, managing regulatory compliance on the trading floor. Since then, Barb has helped numerous clients address FERC compliance issues, focusing on EQR problems.

At FERC, Barb managed the EQR program from its inception until her retirement in 2005.  She is the leading expert in EQR compliance and has continued to be actively involved in the EQR program since joining the private sector.  This expertise includes:

  • Co-authoring Order Nos. 2001 through 2001-E
  • Managing the development and implementation of the EQR software
  • Authoring the FERC EQR Software Users Guide
  • Establishing and leading the FERC EQR Users Group

Prior to her EQR work, Barb was the Deputy Director of the Policy, Analysis and Administration Division of the Office of Electric Power Regulation at FERC.  In FERC’s Office of Markets, Tariff and Rates, she was responsible for the Electric and Gas data collections.

At APS, Barb managed regulatory compliance on the trading floor and for other merchant function areas.  In that role, she:

  • Developed and presented regulatory compliance training for traders covering FERC’s Standards of Conduct, Codes of Conduct, Market Behavior Rules and Anti-Manipulation Rules, Order No. 890 compliance, and tariff compliance.
  • Monitored compliance through surveillance of communications.
  • Developed policy manuals to implement compliance with evolving FERC regulations.
  • Analyzed emerging FERC rules for their impacts on trading floor operations and developed strategies to ensure compliance.

In addition to working with individual clients, Barb has held numerous EQR Training Conferences and written a comprehensive EQR Users Manual that consolidates the requirements of Orders 2001 through 2001-I with various FERC guidance, notices and directives.


Barb received an MBA from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor of Arts from the College of William and Mary with majors in Government and Economics.