ECC FERC User’s Manual

Energy Compliance Consultings FERC EQR Users Manual

The Energy Compliance Consulting “FERC EQR User’s Manual” is a comprehensive collection of information needed to file compliant EQRs. The manual takes hundreds of pages of FERC orders, notices, and filing guidance, and combines it with guidance from FERC Technical Conferences, FAQs, and other staff guidance over the past decade. In a straightforward, easy to read style, the manual:

  • Gives an overview of the background and reasons for the EQR;
  • Discusses the data required to be filed, in detail, on a field-by-field basis;
  • Walks the filer through the EQR filing process, including
    • Registering on FERC’s website,
    • Compiling and formatting data,
    • Uploading the data into FERC’s web portal, and troubleshooting data when errors occur;
  • Addresses issues related to data content, such as
    • Billing adjustments,
    • Capacity reassignments,
    • Reporting bookouts, and
    • Company name changes; and
  • Shows how to access EQR data from FERC’s website.

You can order a manual below for $295, which includes shipping.